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Aimée and a Year of Clothes

5 Minutes with… Vintage Style.Me ♥

Admittance: I hate those Facebook advertisements. With a vengeance. But recently, one accidental click led me to Vintage Style.Me, a beautifully designed website selling hand picked vintage items at affordable prices.

I thought, ‘Great. No money, these guys show up and I want EVERYTHING.’

Bloody typical. Anyway, I felt I needed to ask them about their beautiful clothing for you guys, so I sent a fangirling highly professional email explaining my blog and asking for an interviewand the lovely Rhiannon, founder and fellow vintage lover, gladly accepted. 

She informed me that the ethos of the company is to provide Vintage style at an affordable price, proving that you don’t have to be crazy rich to maintain a style you love, and also a style that is fashionable now. However, they have a wonderful ideal to allow people to look unique, without the need for high street alternatives.

It is clear that Vintage Style Me is an escapade born from a life long love of fashion, not only in the careful and painstaking selection process, but in the founding of the store too. ’Vintage StyleMe was founded by myself in 2011. Since I was a teenager i loved vintage clothes, sewing and reworking items into new ones. By the time I was 23 I had a pretty large collection -  I had always wanted my own Vintage store so it felt right to start one!’ 

(Don’t you just want to marry her???)

She also let me in on her personal favourite look,  the classic tea dress, but incorporating leather ankle boots and a cute belt. What a perfect example of how one item can add a timelessness to any outfit. As Rhiannon pointed out, Even if you don’ go head to toe vintage you can still get beautiful key pieces like a coat or a bag which look timelessly cool.' And how right she is.

The mismatch of shorts and 80’s blouse on beautiful model Celi (see top picture) is a great outfit, exhaling an effortless look you could wear anywhere. And I can’t go on without mentioning a great piece which is Rhiannons (and one of mine) favourite, a fun and funky Parrot Print Jumpsuit

In conclusion; this is my heaven. No more, no less. Go forth. You guys know what to do. And with that, I’ll leave you with a great living standard of vintage clothing from my new favourite person. 

'I think that people love wearing vintage because it gives you a unique look (I've never come across two items the same!) It also gives you the freedom to play around with outfits and era's! Someday's you could rock the 80's Madonna-esque look and 70's folk the next. The idea of wearing an item of clothing which has its own history is so amazing and appealing.

(All items can be found on

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